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Jeffrey Epstein Settles Defamation Suit As His Sex Abuse Accusers Ready New Legal Fight

News Summed Up 2018-12-05 05:30:00

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A decade ago, Florida financier Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving underage girls and got 13 months behind bars. “That injustice needs to be addressed and will be addressed,” said Jack Scarola, one of the attorneys lined up against Epstein. Before the scandal broke, Epstein was friends with Trump and had visited the real estate developer’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Trump told interviewers that Epstein was “a great guy.” Records also show Clinton flew on Epstein’s jet more than two dozen times. Epstein’s legal team at various times included such big names as Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz.