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Few, but there were good words too

Deccan Chronicle 2018-12-07 00:28:00

Hyderabad: “Let us live like proud Hyderabadis, KCR’s government will give you everything.” This was one of the tamest thing said in the just-concluded election campaign.

There were few pleasant moments in the campaign, much of which was dominated by bitter attacks on rivals.


UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi returned to Telangana four years after the state was created. She said, “I feel happy like a mother seeing her children after many years. I know the challenges we had to face in creating Telangana as a separate state. The interests of the people of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh were at our heart. I promised the people of Telangana that the government that will stand with every section of the society and will represent the people of the state.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi caught many by surprise when he greeted the public at LB stadium in Telugu. 

“Namaskar to the people of Telangana who came all the way hoping for a change in governance. The city of Hyderabad is close to my heart. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patelji is my inspiration, he was the man who freed Hyderabad. If it wasn't for Patelji I would not have this freedom to speak in Hyderabad. I congratulate all the Telugu people here who added value to the city's image,” Mr Modi said. The Prime Minister addressed the state as “mere” Telangana’.