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Police grill alleged rape victim for 12 hours

News Summed Up 2019-01-03 05:30:00

Catur Udi Handayani, the lawyer of the victim, who goes by the pseudonym Agni, said the victim had been summoned by the police and had undergone 12 hours of questioning. “At the time [of grilling], Agni was under pressure and very tired because she was questioned for 12 hours,” she said on Monday. Her case became public after UGM’s student press, Balairung, made a report about her case and the subsequent victim blaming by various UGM officials. HS’ lawyer, Tommy Susanto, said his client had also been summoned by the police in mid- December. “They slept in the same room and the woman went to his place, the place is not her place,” he said.