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10 things WWE got right on Smackdown Live this week

Sportskeeda 2019-01-09 16:00:00
This might have been one of the best episodes of Smackdown Live in a while

Smackdown was one of WWE's most underdeveloped shows of the last decade, as the company decided to focus entirely on Raw, but ever since the 2016 brand split the blue brand has slowly but surely made its way back into the category of the most entertaining wrestling show out there, and this week's enormous episode showed why Smackdown Live is WWE's best brand.

From silly soap opera drama to high octane matches being contested, this broadcast accomplished more narrative feats in one episode than Raw often does in a month. So, let us go through what made this episode really stand out, as WWE really deserve some credit for actaully making changes to their product, even if all those changes are relegated to the blue brand. 

#1 Daniel Bryan unleashed

A nice change of pace to open the show in a different location

Daniel Bryan is currently one of the best characters in the WWE, and while you may be thinking to yourself, a wrestler posing as a crazy environmentalist is nothing too special in today's landscape of cooler gimmicks, this gimmick works due to the man behind the character.

Most people have forgotten what a phenomenal character-driven wrestler Bryan really is, as this extreme eco-friendly gimmick is just an exaggeration of his real-life persona.

Therefore, what we see on screen is a man believing in every word he is saying, and that is why WWE was smart to place Bryan in an environment that would feed his motivations. This week on Smackdown Live, Bryan was at the concession stand in the arena and preached about the consumption of the WWE fans.

He went as far as snatching a man's hotdog and another person's soda and throwing it in their faces, then Bryan would then conclude his speech by saying the fans need AJ Styles to fill the void in their 'pathetic' lives.

First of all, this was one of the best heel moves WWE has booked in a long time, and while those 'fans' in the line of fire were probably actors, this was a really excellent promo and really strong way to start Smackdown Live. Bryan is truly a great heel and probably the best in WWE right now, as he believes in his role.

#2 R Truth displays his serious nature

Truth made sure to get a measure of revenge against Bryan

R Truth may be a simple midcarder to many fans out there in the WWE Universe, but this is a man that is truly underrated in terms of in-ring and character work, as this week on Smackdown Live, Truth got a chance to show some of that when he took on Daniel Bryan in a one on one match.

The fact that Smackdown Live writers wrote a character arc for Truth in a matter of two weeks is truly commendable, as it shows that no matter how big or small a wrestler is regarding relevance, they get a chance on the blue brand.

And here Truth really showed a different side of himself when he wanted to knock some sense into Daniel Bryan after the WWE Champion insulted him on Smackdown Live.

Bryan basically mocked Truth's entire career in a matter of one promo, and Truth showed his aggression, as he has self-respect as a man that willing to entertain but not willing to be insulted. While Truth lost this match, it showed a different side to him that we haven't seen in a very long time.