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The Savvy Home Smart Mirror: No Other Smart Mirror Comes Close

Make Use of 2019-01-10 02:32:17

The Savvy by Electric Mirror is one of the more impressive showings at CES 2019, and playing around with it will make you feel like the future has finally arrived.

A version of the Savvy smart mirror has been available in hotels across America, allowing hotel guests to effortlessly control various aspects of their room and pull up information. But now, the Savvy smart mirror is being made available in a residential capacity, designed for regular folks to use in their own homes.

The patented thin display is affixed within the mirror itself, and works with any kind of glass with thicknesses between 3mm and 8mm. The display itself is available in 10.5-inch and 22-inch sizes, so it doesn’t cover the full surface area of the mirror.

The Savvy smart mirror runs on Android 7.1 (with plans to run on Android 8.0 in the future), meaning it can install and run any Android app. Given this, the sky is the limit as far as what you can do—view weather forecasts, empty your email inbox, or even listen to music.

Speaking of music, the Savvy smart mirror comes with a built-in amplifier and speaker, which sounds much better than a smartphone or generic Bluetooth speaker, in case you wanted to chill to some tunes while soaking in the bath. You can also connect an external speaker if you so wish.

One of its nicer aspects is the modular daughterboard, which can be removed and replaced in case an upgrade comes out in the future with better specs and features. The mirror can be hardwired for power or plugged into an outlet, and the device works on both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Savvy smart mirrors will eventually be put on the market in standard sizes, but as of right now, the Electric Mirror company is taking orders for custom-made Savvy smart mirrors that will start shipping in April 2019. However, the custom-made mirrors will start with a price tag of $2,500 and can go up to $8,000 or more depending on how large you want it.

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