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Jagan and Congress Distance Themselves from Mudragada Agitation?

AP Herald 2019-01-10 09:33:00
The lack of long term planning continues to haunt YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy who is still unable to capitalize any anti-government platforms to his benefit. The instance of his support to the recent Kapu agitation has only backfired very quickly.
With Mudragada launching agitation, YSRCP and its media groups have openly supported  him with the hope that they too can derive good deal of political benefits from it. But cleverly TDP has been laying blame on YSRCP for violence which happened in Tuni.
The credit for the agitation is being fully claimed by Mudragada who shockingly said that they never asked and never got any support from Jagan. It clearly showed how he has been harping his hopes on being a one man Army.
Now both Jagan and AP Congress have realized how the veteran leader has only been using them to his benefit. Hence, even though he has now started his indefinite fast, no official words of support is being extended unlike last week when Congress and Jagan’s men made a beeline to the fast venue in Tuni!