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Brexit: Ministers plot their revenge on John Bercow amid growing outrage

News Summed Up 2019-01-10 05:30:00

A motion tabled by Dominic Grieve popped up on the order paper Ben Gurr for The TimesSenior government figures plotted revenge on John Bercow while clerks declared the Speaker “patently out of order” after he rejected their advice on a pivotal Brexit ruling yesterday. Mr Bercow ignored the counsel of Sir David Natzler, the clerk of the House, when he tore up precedent to allow MPs to vote to force the government’s hand on the Brexit timetable. Mr Bercow stunned ministers by allowing amendments to a business motion that set out the government’s Commons timetable for Brexit. The government believed that decades of convention would ensure that the motion was not amendable, in line with the advice of the clerks. One official said: “I would say it is patently out of order but the Speaker’s word is law.