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‘You can get away with anything’: Rebecca Judd on how to dress for the polo and her activewear line, Jaggad

Courier Mail 2019-01-11 10:04:00

Floaty maxi dresses, strappy wedges and statement sunnies — Rebecca Judd is a pro at polo style.

Billed as the social event of the summer, the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo attracts a preppy-inspired, well-dressed crowd, and a more relaxed vibe to the Spring Racing Carnival.

The “polo chic” dress code means no nightclub attire, stilettos or flashing too much skin.

Judd will again host a hot-ticket marquee for her activewear brand, Jaggad, which will also serve as a launch of the Melbourne-based brand’s latest capsule collection with Instagram model, Brooke Hogan.

media_cameraPretty in pink! Bec Judd at last year’s Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo, where she hosted Jaggad’s marquee. Picture: Sarah Matray

“Polo dressing is all about a relaxed summer vibe. Wedges, flats, maxi dresses, straw boater hats — I think it’s a looser version of the races,” Judd told News Corp Australia today.

“You can kind of get away with anything — jumpsuits, dresses, pants suits, a lot of fun with accessories.”

There are a few unofficial rules to get through the day, according to Judd. “Stay away from cocktail (dresses) and anything with a small heel, like a stiletto, because you’ll sink into the grass,” she said.

“It’s glary so everyone’s wearing sunnies all day. You see everything at the polo. It’s probably my favourite day of the year.”

media_cameraStatement sunnies and wedges! Picture: Fiona Hamilton Photography

Ever-busy Judd doesn’t know how to stop. “Some days I kind of go, ‘I need a day off to do nothing,’” she told Stellar. “And then by 9am, I’m so bored and looking for things to do. I don’t think my brain knows how to switch off.”

No wonder then that the 35-year-old manages to wear many hats, and wear them well. She and husband Chris Judd are raising four kids — but she is also a businesswoman, presenter, model, blogger, author and designer.

As well as running her successful businesses, Judd stays busy looking after son Oscar, seven, daughter Billie, four, and twin boys Tom and Darcy, two.

Asked if she is a chronic overachiever, Judd said: “I think I always have been”.

“I’m extremely assertive and I like to lead. I like to make things happen. I’m good at doing what I want to do. If I’m not into it, I’m not going to waste my time. And I’m comfortable now to be able to say, ‘I’m not into this. I’m not going to do it.’

media_cameraRebecca Judd, pictured at Derby Day, says the Portsea polo is a more relaxed version of the races. Picture: Getty Images

“I’m a ‘no’ person now. I can genuinely say to you, hand on heart, everything I am doing — and I’m doing a lot — I love. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Judd is a big advocate for activewear — even when it’s not as part of a workout.

“Instead of wearing the full activewear look when we’re exercising, we wear it every day, but put a bomber [jacket] with it, team it with a crop top, an open shirt and a pair of jeans or cut-offs. I hate heels. I hate them! My ankles are so shot I can barely walk in them. I’m loving this whole sneaker trend.”

media_cameraBrooke Hogan wearing her new capsule collection for Jaggad. Picture: Jaggad media_cameraBrooke Hogan in a peachy Jaggad sweater. Picture: Jaggad

Jaggad’s latest capsule collection — a collection with Hogan — features dusty peach and navy tones.

“The colour (peach) is so fresh. It makes your skin look good, because it throws a bit on warmth on your face,” Judd said today, before the brand’s launch of the line at Sorrento Hotel.

media_cameraThe range also features a high-performance crop top and leggings. Picture: Jaggad media_cameraBrooke Hogan’s capsule line for Jaggad features a tank that pays tribute to the brand’s base — Melbourne. Picture: Jaggad

“There’s a cool striped tee. We’re never done stripes. It’s a crossover, plain (item) of activewear … you can wear it with your denim cut-offs, it doesn’t have to be just when you’re exercising.”

Brooke Hogan x Jaggad collection is out now. Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo is on tomorrow.

Originally published as Bec Judd’s polo dressing tips

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