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‘Follow principles of Shraddha, Saburi in life’

Hitavada 2019-01-11 09:58:37


Staff Reporter,

Kirtankar Prabhanjan Bhagat was delivering a first day kirtan on Sai Charitra on Thursday at Chitnis Park Stadium Mahal

Rashtra Dharma Kirtan Mahotsav organised by Radha Govind Charitable Trust started from Thursday

Sai Baba was the pioneer of social engineering. He always worked to maintain harmony and peace in society. Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience) are the two qualities to accept others in society and spread peace and harmony, said youth Kirtankar Prabhanjan Bhagat on Thursday. He was delivering a first day kirtan of Rashtradharma Kirtan Mahotsav organised by Radha Govind Charitable Trust in association with South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCC) at Mukundraj Maharaj Sadhu Kirtan Parisar, Chitnis Park, Mahal .

Bhagat appealed the audience to contemplate on the messages of Sai Baba and follow them throughout the life.
Earlier, Rashtra Dharma Kirtan Mahotsav was inaugurated at the hands of Mayor Nanda Jichkar; Additional Resident District Collector Ravindra Khajanchi; SCZCC Director Deepak Khirwadkar; Shrimant Raje Mudhoji Bhonsale and others. Shripad Risaldar, President of Samiti made introductory remarks. Subhash and Kalyani  Buty family members and Vallabh Wandalkar family members were the hosts of aarti. Gunwant Ghatwai presented welcome song.

This is being the 101st year of Sai Baba Samadhi, people should understand the deep meaning of messages of Sai Baba. It is needed to inculcate the principle of social engineering preached by Sai Baba throughout his life, Bhagat stated.

For his devotees Baba has set two cardinal principles in the path of devotion. The first one is “Shradha”, which means devotional faith, and the other one is “Saburi”. Which means tolerance with patience. God has given intelligence to human beings in comparison to animals, to discriminate between good and evil. Such practice will slowly but definitely grow devotion in him imperceptibly, he added.
Sai Baba never told about his parents, caste, religion to people. Sai Baba lived in Masjid and always termed self as a fakir. He gave name to Masjid as ‘Dwarkamai’ and that place was a Centre of devotion for all people despite the caste, creed, religion etc., Bhagat said.

Narrating the event of sending a coconut with Das Ganu Maharaj by Sadguru Tembhe Swami, Bhagat said, people should concentrate on his teachings than the miracles he did in life. Smita Khangai conducted the proceedings. Shridhar Korde (Mrudangam), Harsh Payghan (Tabla), Dhanraj Yawalkar (Harmonium), Nasir Khan (Sitar) and Shirish Bhalerao (Violin) supported the kirtankar on musical instruments.


Haribuwa Natu to present kirtan
Haribuwa Natu from Malwan  will present kirtan on Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjivan Samadhi Sohola on January 11 at 6 pm. Organising committee members have appealed the citizens to attend the same in large numbers.