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Jammu and Kashmir Cops Arrested Three Men For Transporting Cattle Illegally

Adya News En 2019-01-11 17:56:35

On Thursday Three Criminals Arrested By Jammu and Kashmir Police For Illegal transporting of dairy cattle in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban region and 35 cattle were safeguarded, police said. The captures and recuperations were made in three separate occurrences, they said. Amid a normal check, police captured two vehicles close Shan Palace and discovered 20 and nine dairy cattle in them, they said.

Six additional bovines were saved after examination of a vehicle at Chanderkote in Ramban region, police said. Authorities said 35 creatures were saved altogether and the vehicles utilized for their transportation have been seized.

The three captured, recognized as Anwar Hussain, Mohd Yousuf and Mohd Irfan, uncovered amid cross examination that they were transporting the creatures to Kashmir district, authorities said. Separate cases have been enrolled at Ramban and Chanderkote police headquarters, police said.

Examinations are on to learn the wellsprings of these creature and recognize others engaged with sneaking, authorities said.