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GHMC to delink sewage stormwater pipelines

Hans India 2019-02-11 01:58:49
Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is making arrangements to de-link sewage and storm water pipelines. A survey has identified the areas where storm water and sewage water are merging.Officials proposed 20 works at a cost of Rs 3.44 crore as part of the first phase. Several colonies and bastis get flooded with just a minimal rain. 
A majority of areas are in fear of being inundated when flood water mixed with sewage water starts overflowing. Some areas witness knee-deep water loggings. GHMC and Water board decided to sort this issue by constructing separate pipeline for sewage water.Delinking works will be taken up in Santosh Nagar, Kukatpally, Karwan, Musheerabad, Jubleehills, Uppal, and Khairatabad areas soon. Some areas in Old City are equipped with a proper storm water management system but lack of sewerage system.
As this area is very congested to lay another pipeline, officials are planning to utilize storm water management system for sewage water also.Officials are mulling over construction of manholes in place of catch pits on storm water drains and ensure regular cleaning of manholes. Officials are also planning to construct Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) at tanks, canals and other possible places to sort out the issue of open flowing of drainage. 
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