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AU security chief issues Sahel terror warning

News Summed Up 2019-02-11 05:30:00

"Almost on a daily basis, Burkina Faso now is facing criminal and terrorist attacks," he said. He said that AU member states had agreed to address the scourge of extremism in a more comprehensive manner. FINANCINGMr Chergui expressed disappointment in difficulties faced to finance the G5 Sahel force, a French-backed 5,000-man joint mission among the five nations on the front line: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. The Islamist revolt in the Sahel took off after chaos engulfed Libya in 2011. The French army largely flushed jihadists from Mali, but they have gained ground in neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger, while Chad is battling unrest on its borders.