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Nath shows solidarity with Andhra CM for special status

Hitavada 2019-02-12 11:52:08


Staff Reporter,

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath expressed solidarity with Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and the people of Andhra Pradesh. Kamal Nath was speaking at the ‘Dharma Porata Deeksha’- struggle for justice, one-day dharna organised by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister at Andhra Pradesh Bhawan in New Delhi against the Central Government for not fulfilling the special category status for Andhra Pradesh as envisaged in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014.

While recollecting the proceedings of the Parliament as Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Kamal Nath said that he was not only the witness to the debates but also in the commitments made in the Parliament for special status of Andhra Pradesh. Non fulfillment of the commitments made in the Parliament is injustice to the people of Andhra Pradesh. There is no doubt in it but only natural that Central Government today wants strong man like Chandrababu Naidu to play their game but Naidu is a man of principles. Kamal Nath said Naidu has raised his voice even against Congress party on his principles and now he is raising voice against Central Government.

Describing the present situation in the country Kamal Nath said that today the country is a divided a lot. Not only the important institutions like RBI, CBI, Judiciary but even the society is also divided. This politics of division is today opposed by all of us and will fight till the end and expose the government which has betrayed the people of the country.

Government has betrayed the youth, and states and expressed confidence that the government will be thrown out of power in the next three months. Praising the people of Andhra Pradesh, Kamal Nath said that they will always side with the truth and Congress party is always with the truth since independence and before independence always sided with the truth. Addressing the gathering the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh expressed the commitment of the congress party for the special status for Andhra Pradesh. He said that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has made commitment on the floor of the house to have special status to the state of  Andhra Pradesh. But now the Central Government due to
political reasons are not honouring the commitments.