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Tips On Parenting

AP Herald 2019-02-17 17:19:15

It very easy to suggest or advise but very difficult to execute.  Coochy soft babies are blessings of god but growing them is a most typical task. Coming to the age of 0 to 3 year babies

Major problems with babies:

Improper intake of food

Repeated Health Problems

Parents Doubts on Children Growth

Mingling with other children


Facts to be known:

Every baby takes the food and stops taking whenever they feel they are done. Mothers need not to worry and over feed them

Health problems arise due to low immunity in children. Compared to elders, young ones have less immunity. Avoid long journeys, contamination and unhealthy food habits.

Every child growth depends on their gene. This will be covered within 3 years of birth. Every child looks more or less the same height and weight by 3 years.

Mingling with other children is most important task. Parent should teach their child to share, feel happy in others company, active participation in group are most important things.