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Get an HVAC Installation Early for Central AC Before Summer Hits to Save!

World Hab 2019-03-16 08:43:36

When’s the best time to get an HVAC installation to suit all of your needs? We’ve got that answer for you, and we’ll tell you why very soon. Getting a heating, ventilation, air conditioning unit is extremely important and a standard for all homes. We’ll tell you how you can get an HVAC installation early for Central AC before summer hits to save!

Why Early?

When you purchase an HVAC unit in the spring or late winter (like late February or early March), you actually eliminate the need to have inspections just before the spring and summer season hits (you’ll get one to make sure your HVAC system works well by getting it installed anyway). You also eliminate the numerous fees due to the summer madness rush that ensues from people wanting to cool their homes really quickly. You’ll be able to find more deals, because most sales actually happen before summer rather than during summer when the AC units skyrocket because of a higher demand.

How You Save Money During the Summer

Well, aside from saving because of sales, you’ll be needing your AC unit the most during the summer. You’ll notice that the price of your utilities and electric bill goes up as your AC unit works harder to keep your home. When you’re running an older unit, you’ll see that you have a higher bill than you would if you were using a brand-new unit. Aside from this, you’ll have a few months to save up money if needed. But you won’t need to spend half as much with a new unit as you would with an old unit. This makes spring a perfect time of year to buy a new HVAC unit.

Buying and Getting an Installation in the Off-Seasons

A lot of home owners will choose to buy during the summer, but if you buy when people aren’t normally buying them, you also don’t have to deal with the crowds, more lower priced units are available to purchase on the ReliableStandard Website, and you have time to research to find the best choice for your home. If you have a smaller home or have less area to cool, you may not need a top of the line unit that heats and cools a home that is 4000 square feet.

Not only this, but if you get the AC unit installed in the spring, you’ll also have a higher chance of finding contractors and HVAC installers for the job. A lot of service calls are actually higher in the winter months when it’s the coldest, and the summer months when it’s hotter. By getting your work done in between these times, you’ll be able to save some and be charged less as well, since there’s less dangers for your AC repair man to have to charge you for.


So, there you have it, by buying an HVAC unit in the spring, you’ll save money on numerous levels, as well as numerous hassles that you would normally face if you were purchasing and getting them installed in the winter or summer. What about the fall? Well, that’s actually another higher priced time, because people are buying their HVAC units (since most can come with heating furnaces as well. By getting your stuff early, you’ll get them