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Exclusive! BMW X4 vs Range Rover Evoque

MSN 2019-05-13 04:01:00

If you are looking for a comfortable, spacious and a practical luxury SUV. Stop reading. The BMW X3 or the Discovery Sport make much more sense over the two SUVs that you see here.

Yep, these two sacrifice a lot of what's expected from an 'SUV' at the altar of style. But then this is the new world order and this genre of SUVs is what is ruling the roost these days. The Land Rover Evoque first started this trend of compact luxury SUVs built for the Instagram generation before Instagram was invented while BMW started this whole coupe-meets-SUV thingy with the X6 which has now spawned the smaller X4. Both fight for the same pie which is the compact luxury/lifestyle SUV space.

These two are for those who will drive themselves and who do not mind making a strong style statement. Both the cars here do not blend in like their more conservative looking siblings- something which is quite apparent given their hues. The X4 shouts from the roof tops about it being an SAV and not a mud plugging off-roader. With massive 19 inch wheels, sports body kit and gaping intakes- this is an aggressive looking machine for sure. The talking point, however, is of course that swoopy rear end with that distinctive coupe silhouette. While I am not a fan of genre bending automobiles like this; I will say that the X4 is much prettier over the X6 or any other SUV of this genre.

The Evoque has none of that but relies on its rather minimalistic approach to design with brutal effect. It is a timeless design that refuses to age and in this Land Mark edition, clad in this striking blue paint and blackened elements- it looks fantastic. Both grab your attention and give you more craned necks that any other car at this price. Frankly the shock and awe factor of these two is alone worth the price. But there is more.

The X4 cannot be called an SUV for the way it drives. The enthusiastic set of engines plus the superb gearbox along with those massive road-biased tyres means that it grips the road like it has no right to. The X4 really puts the 'Sport' in the term SUV to full effect. The Evoque is more in-between the lines as being a Land Rover it has a balanced love for both on and off the road. It will do all the off-road business like any Land Rover but the compact dimensions means that it is also agile like the X4 albeit in a more traditional SUV-ish way.

So far so great but there are a few issues. Both are not for the chauffeur driven set nor are they comfortable at the rear to sit. The Evoque feels a bit old from the inside too while the X4 is like any BMW from the inside, albeit spruced up with some tasty 'M' touches. That said these are minor drawbacks to an altogether vastly appealing motoring proposition that these two bring. Both do not cost a lot with the X4 costing upwards from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 53 lakh for the Evoque seen here- bargain prices for the overall looks and star appeal on offer. So what to buy? Get the X4 if you crave driving thrills and if you really like the looks; you'll get the BMW anyways. It is surely the most dynamic and un-SUV like SUV to buy.

The Evoque is for those who have a more conservative palate and it is leaning towards being a pukka SUV more than the X4. It's better off-road/ versatile and is less of a city slicker than the heavily road biased X4. However with both you will be the centre of attention wherever you go. That's a given.