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Performing Oral Sex on a Woman is ‘Nutritious’ Thanks to Good Bacteria in the Vagina, And it’s Science Backed!

Latestly 2019-05-15 12:52:00

Going down a woman has benefits, HEALTH benefits! Oral sex has always been seen as an activity to derive pleasure from, which it is, but did you know that performing oral sex on women is healthy for you? Consuming the vaginal fluid that comes out of a woman is nutritious and contains healthy bacteria that could be more beneficial for you than you can imagine. Just as you know, the vaginal ecosystem is absolutely self-sufficient as in it cleans itself and also the pH balance of the vagina is maintained with you or anyone having to do anything with it. If you do not suffer from any kind of infection or diseases down there, your vagina is rich in healthy bacteria that is actually good for you. This isn't a new discovery, in fact, back in 2015 a woman actually made yoghurt out of her vaginal secretion and there have been from time and again the vaginal fluids have been used in food items. Who can forget the company Order of Yoni that brewed a beer that contained vaginal bacteria? Sex Query of the Week: Can I Get STD From Oral Sex? How to Stay Safe.

How Does Vaginal Bacteria Affect Your Health?

As per research by the Pharmabiotic Research Institute, the vaginal secretion from a vagina free of STIs and STDs is rich in lactobacillus which is a bacteria that grows to regulate vaginal pH. Lactobacilli are known to produce lactic acid and its main task is to maintain the pH in the vaginal fluid at a healthy 4.5. This not only helps increase the number of good bacteria but also keeps the vagina healthy. Vaginal secretions contain Lactobacillus crispatus, Lactobacillus jensenii, Lactobacilus iners, Lactobacillus gasseri and can also contain Lactobacillus reuteri, the Lactobacillus found in your vagina is also present in your gut. In the gut it is called 'probiotics,' which you may have heard of. It is known to maintain gut health. Just like probiotics helps smoothen the digestion process by letting good microorganisms balance out your gastrointestinal system, the vaginal area 'probiotics' does the same. This makes the vagina a healthy and natural source of good bacteria. Amongst the many health benefits, boosting immunity, elevating mood and keeping depression at bay are a few good effects of "eating" a vagina.

Health Benefits of Eating a Deliciously Tasty Vagina

Oral sex has no side-effects at all, unless the person has any kind of STDs and STIs. Even the female experiencing an orgasm due to oral sex experiences mental and physical health benefits. Orgasm causes chemical changes in your body that are good for you. It releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, that are the happy chemicals in your body known to elevate your mood and can even alleviate pain.