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Derby mocked Leeds for spying, here are some famous mock celebrations!

Sports Wallah 2019-05-16 16:46:58

In one of the greatest rivalries in the second division of the English league this season, Derby had the last laugh. If you thought the scripts of a dramatic footballing season in England could not be written, you are very mistaken. We are already aware of the drama that unfolded in the Premier league with the title being decided on a difference of inches.

The second division was not left any far behind either. Derby and Leeds have been at it since the beginning of the season. Things spiced up mainly when Leeds were accused of spying on the training sessions at Derby. Fast forward to their match for the play-off, Derby beat Leeds in a thriller and it quickly led to mock celebrations.

Derby players mocked Leeds spying (Photo: Derby Telegraph)

The celebration shows the Derby players imitating the use of binoculars taking a dink at the alleged spying on their training sessions. Derby coach Frank Lampard was mocked for crying by the Leeds fans and he too replied with a video of him fake crying.

Let us look at some of the most popular mock celebrations in football history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo mocked Diego Simeone’s celebration

The Portuguese has his patent celebration with the twirl and landing but he decided to give it a backseat and mock Simeone. This picture is from the Champions League Round of 16 match where Ronaldo’s hattrick resulted in a Juventus win. The tie was in Turin and the Juventus team defeated Atletico 3-0 to win 3-2 on aggregate. Ronaldo celebrated mocking Simeone after scoring his third goal.

Mohamed Salah

Mo Salah mocked Sergio Ramos butterfly celebration

While there was no confirmation whether Mo Salah mocked Sergio Ramos or not, the events that followed raised quite a few eyebrows. Salah scored in the PL and did a butterfly celebration, which is the staple one for Sergio Ramos. The sides later met in the UCL final and Salah had to be stretchered off after he got into a bundle with Ramos. Think karma had to play a part? Who knows.

Jamie Bullard

Jamie Bullard mocking his manager

In one of the most iconic mock celebrations, Jamie Bullard imitated his manager yelling at the players during the half-time break. The Hull players were not performing well during a match and their manager decided to give the players a beating on the field itself. Fast forward, a few matches later and when Hull scored, Jamie Bullard seized the opportunity and mocked his manager.