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Today I Love The Babbling Brook

PsychCentral 2019-06-09 10:26:42
Easy, peaceful stream

Today I love the babbling brook that makes its way down past the cottage to the bay. I love to hear it laugh and chatter as it falls down past the front deck and the back deck and then sneaks around behind the bunkie and suddenly escapes to the freedom of the open water. I love that it is still running though it won’t last much longer and when summer comes it will only run after a rain storm though in places along its dried bed, if you listen closely, you can hear quiet rivulets running clandestinely under the rocks and rubble of its bed. I love that there are water sprites living among the plants and little water falls, for how could there not be in such an enchanted place as the tiny brook behind the shed and beside the cottage? I love that when the sun shines through the trees that surround it only enough light makes it to the water to make it look like the sprites have cast diamonds around to float on the streaming rapids and on the tiny calm pools. I love the little brook and I love the chance to sit and write beside the magic of it.

Today I love that it is Sunday and that my Sundays always include the radio show, Georgian Bay Roots and today my friend Kailey Hawkins will be the host and I’m excited to hear what she has to say. I love that over the next few days I will finish up recording next week’s episode of that same show and I’m excited to hear what I will have to say too, always a surprise. 😉 I love that I get to do so many things in my community and that all of them are things I enjoy and have interest in and passion for.  I love that I have passion.

Today I love breakfast at the cottage. I love that the air is warming up slowly. I love that it will soon be summer. I love that sometimes Beethoven is played here in the cottage on the electric piano and that always stirs my heart. I love that I have such a list of things I want to do around this place. I love that I am slowly getting that list done. I love that I’ve come to realize that worrying whether there is enough time to do things is pointless, and I now worry if the things I am doing are worthy of the time they take. I love that I have decided that if I enjoy those things, then they are worthy.

Today I love drinking coffee by the babbling brook and enjoying that and the time it takes to do it.