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Delayed Monsoon In Kolkata Brings New Wave Of Heat

Whats Hot 2019-06-12 13:09:56
To the point: As the mercury touches the unbearable button in Kolkata, the hopes of the first Monsoon showers seem to be a tad bit delayed. A certain cyclone is getting in the way and guess, we would have to wait for another week.

The pool of sweat and the scorching heat is beating down every single Kolkatan. The onset of black clouds on the Bengal coast brought happiness and a sigh of relief. Now, it seems nature is making it a sham as the Cyclone Vayu is weakening the Monsoon forces. Much to our horror, yes, we have to bear the heat for a little bit longer than expected. 

Image Credits: Times Of India

As Tuesday recorded the maximum humidity and heat, the hopes of rains died away. The Cyclone Vayu seems to be clearing away the monsoon clouds and until that happens, Kolkata won't experience any shower. The next 48 hours are going to be extremely dry and parched as temperatures might hit up to 40 degrees Celsius. 

Image Credits: Skymet Weather

The cyclone, once it strikes Gujarat and West coast, the high-speed winds the literally sucking away the black, rain-filled clouds away from our city. Much to our disappointment, the extreme conditions will likely cause heat ave across Kolkata. So do brace yourselves for the next two days, dear readers. 

Image Credits: Down to earth

It's just about the people. The animals at Alipore Zoo are facing tough conditions over the extreme weather. It has been reported that the zoo authorities are making special arrangements for tigers, birds, monkeys, giraffes, and other animals for keeping them rehydrated and healthy in summer. As for the people, daab water has increased and sale and it's the best natural antidote against heat stroke. 

Image Credits: Wikipedia

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