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BJP workers protest on streets over post-poll violence in West Bengal

News X 2019-06-12 14:13:43

In a major retaliation to the post-poll violence allegedly instigated by Trinamool Congress workers, the BJP workers are protesting on Kolkata streets to denounce the move. Though the protest has resulted in chaos as the police has resorted to water cannons and tear gas to control the situation.

The Trinamool Congress versus BJP face off doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as the latter has taken to streets to protest against post-poll violence allegedly propagated by TMC. This has come after several BJP workers were allegedly mobbed and killed at the hands of TMC post the result of 2019 Lok Sabha elections were announced. The BJP this general election won 18 of 40 seats in West Bengal which was an unprecedented number given the dominance of TMC in the state.

The BJP workers have been protesting on streets against West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee as the outrage has resulted in Police battling to handle the situations. Water cannons have been used to halt the furious party workers while the police have also resorted shelling tear gas. The protestors have in fact jammed the police station as well.