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How to show Android smartphone notifications on Windows 10?

AndroidPit 2019-06-12 21:30:00

In order to read your smartphone notifications directly from your PC, you used to have to rely on third-party services when synchronization was not officially supported by either Microsoft or Google. Now, the Redmond giant has decided that it is time to find a solution to the problem and has presented its native fix for Windows 10. Here's how it works.


Smartphone and PC requirements

First, you will need a PC with a Windows 10 version after 1803 (Insider 19H1, 18885) and an Android smartphone with Android Nougat 7.0 or later and at least 1GB of RAM.

You will then have to download these two applications:

How to receive Android notifications on Windows 10 PCs

Well, if you've met all the requirements for this guide, we're ready to go.

From here you can read and reply to SMS messages, check the gallery and quickly transfer photos from your phone to your PC. You can also synchronize smartphone notifications in the Windows 10 side panel. This function is useful for all those applications that do not yet have a counterpart on a PC such as Snapchat, for example.

You can access the gallery, manage SMS and view all incoming notifications on your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket. You can delete notifications one by one or all in groups but unfortunately, you cannot yet interact with these notifications for example by responding to a WhatsApp message.

Bonus: Android to Windows 10 screen sharing

On some selected devices you can even share what you see on your smartphone screen on your PC, so you can potentially use any installed application without ever having to pick up your phone. The smartphones supported by this feature are:

The mirroring function of Android smartphones on Windows 10 will be extended to other devices in time, so do not lose hope if you do not own one of the supported devices in the list above.

Did you already use these apps? Do you find them sufficiently complete? Let us know!