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Old Video Of A Cable Car Fire In Palestine Passed Off As Haridwar's Mansa Devi Temple

Boom 2019-07-08 12:57:32

A four-year-old video of fire engulfing a cable car in Jericho,
Palestinian is viral on Facebook with false claims that devotees were burnt alive when a cable car caught fire at the Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar.

The video, shared on multiple Facebook pages, has been captioned as, “A lot of people were engulfed in a blaze at Haridwar’s Mansa Devi Jhula. It was a very painful accident.”

(Original caption in Hindi: हरिद्वार के मनसा देवी झूले में आग लग जाने से लोग जिन्दा जले….बहुत दर्दनाक एक्सीडेंट)

The 25-second long clip documents the cable car caught in fire, as onlookers stand panic stricken.

The video is viral on Facebook.

Several netizens pointed out that the video is an old footage of a cable car catching fire in Jericho.

Netizens point out that the video is fake

BOOM ran a keyword search with Manasa Devi temple jhula catching fire and was directed to a longer YouTube clip, which has been captioned as ‘Jericho Cable Car Israel Catches Fire Midway.’

Video was viral as Chinese mishap earlier

The same video was viral last year as “17 people being burned alive in a shocking cable car accident in China.” The video has red Chinese text “laid over the footage which mentions that the blaze occurred in the city of Zhangjiajie and 17 people were killed (“burned like duck”) in the disaster and no-one managed to escape.” Read the debunk here.

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