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Assembly elections in West Bengal are scheduled in 2021

AP Herald 2019-07-11 08:01:00

Reportedly in the recent elections, BJP made roads to West Bengal. By winning 18 Lok Sabha seats and getting slightly above forty percent vote share, it sent waves to the ruling trinamool congress (TMC) party. Meanwhile ever since the poll results, BJP and TMC leaders and party workers are constantly fighting with each other. Currently BJP is making tall claims that the party will form the next government and end mamata banerjee monarchy rule.  

Furthermore having sensed BJP's growing strength, West Bengal CM mamata banerjee has roped in popular political strategist Prashant Kishor. However Mamata and Prashant did not make any official statement. Apparently in fact Prashant has separately started a new wing with the name 'Youth in Politics.' Under his initiative he wants to train youngster of Bengal state about politics and after their training they will be given liberty to choose whichever party they want to join. Prashant Kishor is aiming at least five lakh youngsters to be part of his initiative.

Moreover political experts in West Bengal state believe that Prashant Kishor is indirectly helping TMC and over the course of time, they would certainly join hands. Reportedly Assembly elections in West Bengal are scheduled in 2021 and TMC is trying to retain the power while BJP is doing all what is needed to pull down Mamata government.