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Housing DE attempts suicide in Kurnool district

Hans India 2019-07-12 13:41:54

Kurnool: M Vasu Deva Rao, working as Divisional Engineer (DE) in the Housing Department has attempted to commit suicide by setting self on fire.

According to information, Vasu Deva Rao is discharging duties as DE for urban section in Kurnool district. Recently several employees in the department have been transferred to various places in the state.

Accordingly, Vasu Deva Rao was also transferred to Chittor District. But the unfortunate fact is that his colleagues did not get transfers to faraway places as Vasu Deva Rao had.

Greatly upset with the transfer to Chittoor he came to office as usual on Friday morning and doused self with Kerosean that was brought with him. After dousing he tried to set him ablaze but the office staff who were present at that time foiled his attempt. He is out of danger, said a source.