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Gujarat High Court puts a stay on legal proceedings against 3 in the Narayan Sai rape case

Catch News 2019-08-03 00:00:00

The Gujarat High Court on Monday suspended a petition for legal proceedings against the three accused in rape case along with the infamous god-man Narayan Sai. All three of them have filed for the cancellation of the petition against them.

The Narayan Sai Rape Case

A rape case was registered against Narayan Sai in the Jahangirpuri police station of New Delhi. The police have also arrested Sadhak Dharmesh Parihar, Vishnu Joshi and Lakshman Das Sevkani residing in the Karol Bagh Ashram area. Charges will be brought forward against the accused in the Sessions Court on 7 July. On the other hand, the three accused have demanded the High Court to cancel the petition of complaint against them in accordance to section 482 of CRPC.

Accepting their plea, the High Court on Monday put a stay on the legal proceedings against all of them. The police have arrested 34 others in the rape case. Earlier, the High Court had also put a stay on the legal proceedings against eight maids of the 13 accused in the case. The rape victim from Surat had filed a complaint against Narayan Sai in the Jahangirpuri thana of Delhi. The case is being dealt with in the Sessions Court of Surat.