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Court allows for a separate trial of 10 others in Narayan Sai rape case

Catch News 2019-08-03 00:00:00

In the Narayan Sai rape case, the Sessions Court has approved for a separate trial for Sai and 10 other accused. Prosecution had asked the court to run a separate trial for ten others in the rape case. Legal proceedings have begun for the case in the Surat Sessions Court. Charge sheet would be filed against all the accused in the case on 21 July.

A total of 34 accused are there in the Naranyan Sai rape case, out of which the 24 would not be charged after HC had put a stay on their trial.

This stay may also result in delay of trial of all the other accused. However the trial of the ten accused in the case would not affect the trial of the other 24. For pacing up the trial in the Court the rape victim has also been given the constitutional right under article 306 of CrPC.

Keeping in mind the plea of the advocate, the Court has allowed for a separate trial of others in the rape case.