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EPL: English clubs spend 12 thousand crores to buy players

News Track 2019-08-12 05:02:00

Football ranks among the most popular sports in the world. Here, money is also poured like water. This is because the English Premier League (EPL), a famous football league, spent Rs. 12 thousand crores to purchase players. 20 teams are participating in EPL. They will play 380 matches till May 17 next year. Every team plays two matches. 

Two-time defending champions Manchester City will take on West Ham on Saturday. A total of 6 matches will be played on Saturday. EPL is the highest prize money tournament in football. Its prize money is Rs 21,380 crore. Teams also get broadcasting rights, bonuses, facility fees, etc. This time in the Summer Transfer window, clubs in England have spent Rs 12,73 crore to buy players. This is the second-biggest expense in buying players in the past 16 years.

English clubs spent records in 2017. Then, 12 thousand 260 crore rupees were spent. For the fourth year in a row, Premier League clubs spent more than $120 million. This time, the highest amount was spent by Rs. On the last day of the transfer window on Thursday, the clubs bought 17 players for Rs 1457 crore. The Summer Transfer window started in May. This time the clubs bought 101 players. 11 out of 20 clubs broke their summer transfer spending record. With the start of the English Premier League, European football's 2019-20 season also kicked off.