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Ford Endeavour 3.2 AT transmission failure 2019-08-12 18:12:59
Thanks to BHPian Mad Monkey who sent these images in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing them with other enthusiasts.

BHPian Mad Monkey owns a Ford Endeavour 3.2. The SUV has suffered a failure of the torque converter automatic transmission according to Ford. The welds of the flex plates have broken off. The plate that connects the transmission to the flywheel. The vehicle has covered approximately 70,000 km and is under warranty.

The flex plate:

The same problem has been reported on 3 cars previously at Bhavna Ford itself. There is a service bulletin issued for this problem already. Ford is working on identifying which vehicles are affected and will release cleared vehicles as quickly as possible.

Another Endeavour in the workshop with the same problem. This has 50,000 km on the clock:

Torque converter removed:

Ford has offered Mad Monkey Rs. 2,000 as daily taxi fare. He has to submit bills for the same for claiming the amount.