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Tell the truth or drink the shot: Game of Drinks

My Republica 2019-08-12 19:33:57

Radio Nagarik 96.5 game show ‘Game of Drinks’ on Tuesday featured two best friends Dipika Badal and Anusha Maharjan. The show is about asking random questions that are very personal and cheesy which they won't confront, if not being asked for the show. Moreover, either they have to answer the truth or drink a shot. And the one, who gets to drink the highest number of shots than other, loses the game.

The third episode of the show has been released via official Facebook and YouTube channel of Radio Nagarik 96.5. One of them got drunk, which made the game show even more interesting. Moreover, the questions they asked were something nobody wants to make it public.

Watch the video if you want to see how these best friends go through some tough questions and dares: