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Fitness Mantra: Tips for women over 50 to maintain their fitness levels

DTNext 2019-08-13 07:19:48

For many women, maintaining their desired level of fitness while juggling between work and their household routine can be challenging.

61-year-old yesteryear actress Neetu Kapoor working out Chennai: For women turning 50, getting in shape can feel tough, since our activity goes down significantly with age.Staying fit for older women can not only help in keeping weight under control, but also improve flexibility. Aerobic exercises, in particular, can help maintain lower levels of body fat and improve overall body tone. So, here are some simple ways to remain fit at 50 and beyond.
Walk regularly:One cannot underestimate the benefits that walking can give to his or her body. Walking consistently has been proved to improve cardiovascular fitness, keeping the heart healthy and weight under control. Those who walk on a daily basis are also known to have a better mood. The risk of injury is very low while walking, so all you need to do is put on your walking shoes and head out to the nearest park. Walk for every day errands, for walking your pet and get the fresh air you need.
Perform core exercises:As we age and become less active, core strength is the element that first suffers. With poor core strength, it is easier to get back pains, physical aches due to poor body mechanics. Sore backs, hips, knee pains and stiff necks can all arise from not having a strong enough core. Do a quick 20-minute workout to work your abs every three or four times a week to maintain your core strength and stability.
Lift weights:It is only a myth that weight training should not be done at ages beyond 50. Weight lifting can help older women in maintaining their overall fitness and stopping the fat from growing again. Walking, combined with weight training, can help women build strength. Start with lighter weights and increase them as you go up.
Eat protein:Protein is necessary for maintaining the muscle mass. Women must make sure they’re getting their complete proteins, either from meat, fish or eggs, as well as from vegetables, fruits and nuts to get the most out of your activity.