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Ask the Doctor: Avoid large meal before bedtime to treat sleep apnea

DTNext 2019-08-13 08:18:00

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Chennai: My knee develops pain if I sit for long durations. What can I do to strengthen the knee?-S Chander, Resident of Kolathur.Knee strengthening exercises might not affect the knee joint directly, but several exercises can be done to strengthen the knee muscles. Strengthening the muscles will help to provide support for the knees which may help to combat pain and strain on the knee. Several exercises such as cycling, walking, chair dips, hamstring curls can help to regulate blood flow in the muscles and make the knee more flexible. However, the exercises should not strain the knee further and cause pain.-Dr V Sarath, assistant orthopaedic surgeon, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital.
What lifestyle changes can be adopted to treat sleep apnea?-Eliana Joseph, Resident of TambaramIdeally lifestyle modifications are the first line of management for sleep apnea. Good sleep posture, scheduled sleep time, healthy eating habits and adequate hydration must be followed. Don’t eat a large meal before bedtime and also avoid consuming alcohol before sleeping. Healthy lifestyle, doing yoga and exercise will also be helpful. Surgical correction will improve airway and reshape the obstructions of bone and soft tissue in the nasal and oral passages in the upper airways. - Dr Sundhari Veluchamy, ENT Specialist, Kauvery Hospital.