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Video: Elderly Couple In Tamil Nadu Fights Armed Intruders With Chairs, Slippers

Outlook 2019-08-13 00:00:00

An elderly couple in Tamil Nadu warded off two robbers, who were armed with machetes.

According to NDTV, Shanmugavel, 70, was sitting in the porch of his farmhouse in Tirunelveli district of southern Tamil Nadu when a man snuck in and tried to choke the old man with a piece of cloth.

Taken by shock, Shanmugavel tried fighting back with whatever his hands could find. In the meantime, another machete-wielding robber appears on the scene. Till this moment, Shanmugavel's wife had no idea about what was happening outside.

CCTV footage showed that when the wife came out, her husband was already on the ground battling the two intruders all alone. The wife first hurled a slipper at robbers before picking up a chair to attack them.

By then, Shanmugavel was back on her feet. The man picked up another chair while the robbers attempted to hit them with machetes.

Watch elderly couple in Tamil Nadu fight back against armed robbers. It's a scary situation for anyone to be in, esp a 70 & 65- year old. Isolated house close to the forest, with two armed intruders gaining entry. Amazing how they chased them away bravely. Glad both are safe

— Chandra R. Srikanth (@chandrarsrikant) August 12, 2019

The elderly couple, which lives alone, finally succeeded in chasing away the attackers. The woman was injured on her right arm. The gangsters managed to snatch her gold chain that weighed 33 gram, the police was quoted as saying by NDTV.

No arrest has been made in the case as yet.