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VIDEO | Soumya Sarkar left distraughted after sudden "brainfade" results in change of ends

Sports Cafe 2019-09-09 17:09:37

Bangladesh and brainfade are a match made in heaven and in yet another funny incident, Soumya Sarkar left Nayeem Hasan to face a fire-spitting Zahir Khan. That resulted in Nayeem facing as many as four nervy deliveries in that over, where a mistake would have been the end of Bangladesh.

A terrible display by the Bangladeshis - first with the ball and then with the bat - saw them losing the grip over the game and only thing that could have saved them from losing the game was rain. Everything was going their way but suddenly the umpire asked the ground staff to make it ready and it seemed like Bangladesh were in a spot of bother for one more time. 

As the fifth day's game began, Bangladesh had to block it for 18 overs but Zahir Khan dismissed him on the very first ball of the day, leaving them in a humongous job to do. Mehidy Hasan and Taijul Islam couldn't do much and as the last pair of Soumya Sarkar and Nayeem Hasan had to battle the rest period out. However, a brainfade resulted in Sarkar messing things up, although that didn't affect the eventual result.

On the second ball of the 61st over, Soumya hit a Zahir full ball to cover, and as the cover fielder fumbled, he started running for a single. Clearly the better batsman of the duo, he had to plant the strike for as much as possible and taking a single on the second ball of the over defied logic. He was clearly distraught by his own action and looked to the sky, probably thinking how big a mistake he had just committed. 

Although Hasan defended the next four balls like a pro, making it up for Sarkar's mistakes, it was just not enough as Rashid led Afghanistan to a historic win in the next over by getting the better of Sarkar.

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