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D B.Herath gets K’gala UPFA seat

Daily News 2019-09-10 05:49:26

D.B.Herath is to be appointed to Parliament to fill the vacancy of Kurunegala District parliamentary seat rendered vacant after the demise of UPFA MP Salinda Dissanayake. Herath is currently part of the UPFA loyal to the Joint Opposition.

The Parliamentary seat fell vacant after the death of Kurunegala District Parliamentarian Salinda Dissanayake who died on August 5, 2019. According to the election law, the person who is next in line on the list of Preferential Votes ranking should be appointed.

Shantha Bandara who is next in line in terms of Preferential Votes in the UPFA’s Kurunegala district list was appointed to Parliament on the National List.

However, after the death of Dissanayake, Bandara resigned from his Parliamentary seat expecting to re-enter Parliament through the District list.

D.B.Hearath is next in line after Shantha Bandara in terms of Preferential votes in the Kurunegala District list. Some quarters in the legal fraternity argued that D.B.Herath should be appointed to fill the vacancy of Salinda Dissanayake as Shantha Bandara was an MP when Dissanayake died on August 5.

The Elections Commission later sought the Attorney General’s advice in this respect.

Ending the dispute, Elections Commission sources yesterday said it has decided to nominate D.B.Herath for the vacant seat and the relevant gazette notification was sent to the government printer yesterday for publication.