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Kid Spotted Smoking While Watching Turkish Football Match! Video Goes Viral

Latestly 2019-09-10 15:15:31

Kid smokes cigarette while watching football (Photo Credits: Funny Sports YouTube)

Video of a young boy smoking while sitting in the stalls of a football match has gone viral on social media. The clip shows him sitting alongside other boys of his age while taking a drag at a Turkish football match. The kid can be seen wearing a green Bursaspor scarf and shirt, resting his left hand on his thigs, like adults. He was spotted by TV cameras at the Fenerbahçe S K versus Bursaspor match at the Timsah Arena in Bursa, Turkey. Before the camera pans back to a footballer talking to the camera, he is seen exhaling the puff. Terrifying! Man Smokes Cigarette on Spirit Airlines Flight to Minneapolis, Video Goes Viral.

While the boy sitting next to him is seen quietly watching the match, another one seated a little farther looks at him with interest. However, nobody appears shocked or surprised and simply looks on. They watched their side win 2-1 over Fenerbahçe S.K on Sunday evening. Adults who are sitting behind the boy neither retaliate his actions, as if it is quite an accepted behaviour.  In Turkey, anyone caught smoking in a designated smoke-free area is fined 69 Turkish lira. It is not known if this boy was reprimanded or fined by the police.

Here is The Video of The Young Boy Spotted Smoking at The Football Match:

In the past, photos and videos of Indonesian children as young as two years smoking cigarettes had gone viral on social media. Photographs of chain-smoker Ardi Rizal had kickstarted talks about children being exposed to narcotics at such a young age. However, two years ago, he quit his habit; he is now eleven years old.