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A fire broke on the set of this show, this actress...

News Track 2019-09-11 03:25:00

There are many shows of TV which are very spectacular. Popular TV show Bahu Begum is also being liked these days, but the set of this show suddenly caught fire on September 9 and when the incident happened, the cast of the serial was also on the set. According to the reports, Bahu Begum's set was set at SJ Studios in Andheri, Mumbai, where the fire broke out and it is a matter of relief among them that this fire was not very big, so it was controlled immediately.

At the same time, there is no loss due to this fire and the cast and crew of the serial are safe. Let us tell you that this fire started on the set of Bahu Begum at around 3 pm, during which Simone Singh, who played the role of Begum Razia Mirza, was shooting her scene. Recently a source told a website that "It was a small fire and by the grace of God, no one got hurt in it." It was a battery blast and it had some clothes on it, which caught fire.

All the artists and crew members were immediately ejected from the set and the flames were controlled in time with the help of fire extinguishers. Some part of the set has been damaged, but no major damage has been done. Let us also tell you that Bahu Begum is a romantic serial, which revolves around a Muslim family in Bhopal. At the same time, in this show, Kundali Bhagya fame Arijit Taneja, Diana Khan and Samyukta Jaiswal are seen in the lead role.