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Dev Singh of Bhojpuri cinema is a well-known name, will enter Bollywood with this film

News Track 2019-09-11 03:16:00

Let us talk today about the person who is ruling the hearts of the viewers with his acting, the name of that person is Dev Singh, whom all of you viewers have seen as a villain. He is a very simple person in real life. Dev ji is one of the very hardworking and talented artists. Let's know in full detail

In his statement, Dev Singh ji told the Ediflor team that whatever he works, he does it with great dedication, so his hard work and acting are getting love and blessings from the people. Dev Singh ji worked in the first TV serials then Due to his hard work and dedication, he was seen doing a scene in the Bhojpuri film world, Deewana, and then moved from one to the other in his superhit films as a villain. Today, due to the same hard work and dedication, Dev Singh ji will be seen in an important role in Hindi film "Cricket". He told that the film "Cricket" is a story of cricket based on Bihar, which is a very beautiful story, I hope You all will like it very much.

Recently, seeing the strong performance of Dev Singh ji, he was awarded the award for taking Best Actor in Negative Role at the Sabrang Film Award in Mumbai. Dev ji told the audience and new artists that I had started with a scene, and I have traveled this way, so no work is too small, just passion. You want to tell all the country May you keep your love and blessings on Dev Singh ji. I wish Dev Singh ji on behalf of me and my team that you entertained the audience with your acting.