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Three Hills Primary gets computer room from Couples Resorts

Jamaica Gleaner 2019-10-08 12:11:00
Contributed Students of Three Hills Primary School in St Mary get some help from Glenn Lawrence, chief executive officer of Couples Resorts (left) and Paul Issa, deputy chairman, Couples Resorts, in the newly opened computer room that Couples Resorts built at the school for close to $5 million.

Students at Three Hills Primary School in St Mary are now benefiting from a fully equipped computer room built at a cost of nearly $5 million by Couples Resorts with funds raised at the company’s golf charity tournament.

“The computer room is furnished with a multimedia projector, a whiteboard, 10 computers, desks, beautiful chairs. I’m really excited. Today, I’m full of joy!” exclaimed a delighted and grateful principal, Sleen Harris, at the handover ceremony on Thursday.

She thanked Couples not only for the computer room but for the continuous support over the years.

The computer room is actually a beautifully refurbished 40-foot shipping container that is air-conditioned and secured from vandals.

Couples Resorts Deputy Chairman Paul Issa, in formally handing over the computer room, described the occasion as a good day.

“We are very pleased about it. We have a long relationship with Three Hills, and we’re very happy to be facilitating the creation of this resource centre/computer lab,” Issa stated.

“No one has any doubts anymore that computer literacy is not just an additional skill that people should learn, but is part and parcel of everything today, so this is a very important first step. It’s a good day for us.”

Meanwhile, Couples Resorts CEO Glenn Lawrence urged the children and the wider community to care for the facility.

“With the facility comes responsibility, and I am charging not just the community, but the kids to look after the computers. They are very expensive; the whole project cost just under $5 million,” Lawrence noted.

“The key is that we need to look after the kids, but the kids also need to look after what you’ve given them, and it is not something to be taken lightly.

“There are a lot of schools that would like to have a facility like this, so it is important, kids, when you have a session in there, to look after the computers. It is critical that you allow the next generation and the next grade that comes up to enjoy the same things that you did,” he told students.

Lawrence thanked the local golf community and the many guests who contributed to the effort. He also had special words for the company’s information technology (IT) manager, Norval Tennant, for making the project possible, and telecommunications company FLOW, which helped with the Internet connection and provided some free service.

Board Chairman Rev Claude Williams, the parent-teachers association executive and several community members turned out for the event.