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Seven unhealthy cooking mistakes to avoid at home

News Summed Up 2019-10-10 05:30:00

ALSO READ: Fuel it: Understanding workout supplementsNo matter how delicious homemade food tastes, it could be unhealthy depending on how it was cooked. Due to simple mistakes every time we cook, we turn our foods from healthy to unhealthy without even knowing as the mistakes are quite normal. These are some of the unhealthy cooking methods that many people assume to be normalAdding uncooked salt in foodMany people have a habit of sprinkling salt in their food to alter the taste. These oils which are healthy oils are full of nutritional compounds that get damaged when they are heated above their recommended smoke points. ALSO READ: Kitchen Gadget: Temperature controllerPeeling your vegetablesThe peels of some vegetables have more nutrients than the vegetable itself.