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Indian Tiger Poacher With Fetish For Eating Bear Penis Arrested After 6 years

allindiaroundup 2019-10-24 10:01:33

One of India’s most wanted tiger poacher who has been on the run for 6 years, has been arrested by the police.

Yarlen, the tiger poacher, also had a fetish for eating the penis of sloth bears.

Authorities in Madhya Pradesh formed a special team in 2013 after they found out that carcasses of sloth bears had no penises.

According to reports, Yarlen is part of a community in India that believes sloth bear penis can cure impotency and ills.

Sloth bears are listed in the vulnerable list of the IUCN Red list.

According to local news agencies in India, Yarlen admitted to the police that he killed a number of tigers, hundreds of boars, hundreds of peacocks, and many bears.

According to the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, Yarlen sold the gall bladders of the bears to businessmen in India.

Yarlen managed to bail himself out by using fudged documents.

An official said, “Over the years, he has taken on several names as well, the latest being Jasrat.”

Yarlen is also believed to be the person who killed a tigress in the Pench Reserve in Madhya Pradesh in 2012.

According to official numbers, India has 2967 tigers, which is equivalent to 75 percent of the world’s tiger numbers.

Madhya Pradesh has the most tigers in India, government data shows MP has over 500 tigers.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has the pledge to double its tiger population by 2022.

Earlier this year, PM Narendra Modi announced the tiger census and said India is the safest country for Tigers in the world.

Numbers have dramatically increased in India.

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