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Trial By Kyle: Mum sues daughter over bed broken during sex

The Advertiser 2019-10-24 15:30:00

An angry mum demanded her daughter buy her a new bed after she broke it while having sex with her boyfriend.

Yep, that was the first classy case that Kyle Sandilands presided over on his trashtastic TV show, Trial By Kyle, which aired on Thursday night on Channel 10.

The TV show first aired last year as part of Channel 10’s Pilot Week and proved so popular it was picked up for a full season by the network.

And viewers looking for some Jerry Springer-esque entertainment certainly wouldn’t have been disappointed with the first episode of the season.

In the opening case, the mother, Nicole, gave her side of the story first and told Kyle: “My partner and I went away for a week and Rhiannon (her daughter) was house sitting for us. I said that she could have the spare room which has a nice queen size bed in it. Nothing wrong with it.

“When we returned the house was a mess, and when I went upstairs to my bedroom, I discovered that my bed was broken. I felt very violated by the fact that she broke it and didn’t actually care that she broke it.”

Kyle spoke for all of us when he said to the daughter, “On mum’s bed? Darl, that’s the least romantic place I could imagine being with someone, on mum’s bed.”

Never a truer word spoken.

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When the KIIS FM radio host pressed the daughter as to how exactly she and her male companion broke the bed, Rhiannon replied, “There was some … intense passion.”

“Why didn’t you bang in the other bed?” he asked her.

“The honest truth, my other friends were in that bed,” she told him.

Rhiannon told Kyle she simply couldn’t afford the $2099 her mum wanted for a replacement bed, a claim Nicole described as “bulls**t!”

“You broke the bed, you pay for the bed,” the mum yelled at her daughter. “Let’s just move on from this because I’m getting married in nine weeks and she’s supposed to be my bridesmaid, and we can barely speak two words to each other because of her lack of responsibility.”

Kyle, who was desperate to put and end to the mother/daughter conflict, wrapped up the case by ruling in Nicole’s favour.

“Rhiannon, really, you’re responsible for breaking your mother’s bed, so the ruling is $2099 so your mum can consummate her future relationship in her own bed,” he said.

When she was outside the courtroom, Rhiannon continued to argue her case on camera and claimed she wasn’t solely responsible for the broken bed.

“My mum most definitely contributed to the breaking of that bed,” she said. “I have heard things that you cannot unhear as a daughter.”

Trust us, after watching your case, we know exactly how you feel, Rhiannon.

Trial By Kyle continues next Thursday night at 8.30pm on Channel 10

Originally published as Mum sues daughter over broken sex bed