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Amity University Gurugram organized inaugural ceremony of Korean Culture Day in collaboration with Korean Cultural Center

City Air News 2019-11-06 05:30:00

Gurugram, November 6, 2019: Amity University Gurugram organized the Inaugural Ceremony of Korean Culture Day in collaboration with Korean Cultural Center today.
It is for the first time that Amity University Gurugram has been selected to organize these two days of Korean Cultural Event with a wholesome experience comprising all facets of Korean Culture on 6th & 7th of November 2019. The event witnessed participation from various universities in and around Delhi-NCR as well as Korean cultureal/ Korean community and leading Korean companies like KTC etc operating in NCR.
The two day event witnessed glimpses of Korean Culture which includes K-Pop Solo Singing-Inter University Competition, K-Pop Group Dance-Inter University Competition, Decision making & Prize distribution ceremony, Taekwondo Demonstration, Taekwondo Workshop, Samulnori performance by Samulnori team from KCCI and Korean Movie. The event highlights where the students play ‘The Voyage of Love : Legend of Suri Ratna and Kim Suro’, Fan Dance; K Pop singing that enthralled the audience.
Distinguished Guest of Honor, Ambassador of Republic of Korea, His Excellency Mr. Shin Bongkil in his inaugural address emphasized on the rapid growth in the bilateral relations including economic opportunities and cultural exchanges. There is a mutual respect for each other’s culture between the two countries. He gave the reference of K Pop (Korean Pop) which first started to gain fame in the North East of India has gained tremendous popularity amongst Indian youths across different India states. He applauded Amity School of Languages, AUG for its academic endeavors in promoting Korean language by including it in its syllabus being offered to Indian students. He further added that the 2 days cultural programme to be showcased in the Korean Culture Day will give a kaleidoscopic view of India-Korea cultural exchanges and ties.
Professor Vyjayanti Raghavan, CKS, JNU in her Words of Motivation emphasized on the role Korea plays in the South East Asia political and cultural dynamics. Work culture and collective behavior which Koreans exhibits should be imbibed by us.
Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr Aseem Chauhan, Amity University Gurugram reflecting back on his personal good relationship with the Korean Ambassador, thanked him for his diplomatic endeavor which has helped in further deepening of the Indo-Korea bilateral relationship. He also talked about the role a foreign language in collaborations and interactions between countries and cultures.
Till now, Korean language is only offered in AUG but observing the growing popularity and demand in the corporate field of Korean speaking language professionals, Korean language as a subject will also be included in the other branches of Amity University, Dr Chauhan added.
Prof P B Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram in his speech ‘India’s Cultural Heritage for Global Peace and Harmony’ explained about the importance of foreign culture said, “It has gradually become very important to have interaction at a cultural level. The understanding of the cultural aspects is also necessitated for a meaningful verbal communication in every aspect of the society ranging from business to education. He emphasized on widening of vital cultural and spiritual dimensions and giving our best to humanity at large.
Prof. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram in her opening remarks stated that the Korean products (like LG, Samsung,Kia ) have become an integral part of our lives and there are progressive economic ties between these two countries. She talked about the necessity of multi disciplinary studies as a pathway to newer areas and avenues between India and Korea.
Prof A K Tiku, HOD, Amity School of Languages in his welcome address said, “The aim of this program is to promote Korean Culture and Language among the youth of India. These events and many more such planned activities will not just ensure an overall academic development of student but also enrich and sharpen their social acumen to mould them into a better version of themselves. Promoting bilateral ties is also in line with the Govt. policy of developing strategic relations with Korea.
Honorable Director of Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI), Mr Kim Kum Pyoung and Professor Vyjayanti Raghavan,CKS,JNU, Maj Gen B S Suhag (Retd.), Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Maj Gen G S Bal (Retd), Dr Gunjan M Sanjeev, Dr Vikas Madhukar, also graced the occasion with their august presence.