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Vastu Tips: Salt and cloves help maintain prosperity at home. Here’s how

India TV News 2019-11-07 07:23:12

Acharya Indu Prakash will today tell you how to get maintain the easy flow of money in your home. Take a little thick salt in a glass vessel or bowl and keep four to five cloves with salt in that bowl. You can place it in any one corner of the house. By doing this remedy, the flow of money will start and there will be prosperity in the things you do.

On one side the money shortage in the house will be removed by keeping salt in a glass bowl, on the other hand the whole house will smell of a different fragrance and there will be peace in the house. Apart from this, if there is any architectural defect related to the bathroom, take crystal salt in the bowl and place it in the bathroom in a place where no one touches it and in a few days replace the salt from the bowl.



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