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World's most expensive cake, price will blow your mind

News Track 2019-11-08 02:49:00

You must have seen many cakes, but you have not yet seen that cake which looks exactly like a human being. Dubai's celebrity cake designer, Debbie Wingham has made a cake that looks like a girl. The most important thing is that it is not a common cake that everyone can buy, but its price is so much that you will probably be surprised to hear.

According to information received from sources, it is being considered as the most expensive cake in the world, which has taken more than 10 days to make. 1000 real pearls, 5000 flowers, 1000 eggs and 25 kg of chocolate have been used to make this unique cake. This cake is said to be about 100 kg. With the making of this cake, Debbie Wingham's record for making the world's most expensive cake has been recorded. According to the information received, its price has been told more than one crore rupees.

The initial price of Mercedes Benz CLA is about 32 lakh rupees, in such a situation, you can buy three Mercedes cars for the price of this cake. It is being said that this cake has been presented in a bridal showcase at Dubai World Trade Center earlier this year, which people have liked very much. However, this is not the first cake made by Debbie, which is different, but her style of making cakes is different. She also bakes cakes in the shape of a chair, couch and pot.