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Jenelle Evans divorce: What did David Eason do to cause the divorce?

Monstersand Critics 2019-11-08 16:01:11

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has revealed that she’s divorcing her husband, David Eason. She shared the news on Halloween, revealing that she had already filed the necessary papers for divorce.

It would later be revealed that she had also filed a restraining order.

Even though Jenelle had no problem revealing that she was divorcing David, she didn’t specify why she was finally pulling the trigger. And fans are all still wondering what David did that resulted in her filing for divorce.

In the restraining order, Evans claimed that David’s threats had escalated over the past couple of days. In one instance, he had reportedly told her that he didn’t care whether or not she died, according to E! Online.

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One person on Twitter pointed out all of the things that had been made public about David Eason over the past couple of years. These things included family drama, accusations of spousal abuse, various 911 calls, custody battles, failed businesses, and so much more.

The person questioned what David could have done to cause her to take action.

Jenelle stayed with David through:

MTV firings
Child abuse
Spousal abuse
Family drama
Sinking house
Custody battles
Social media meltdowns
Drug & alcohol fights
Horrible press
Failed businesses
Etc. etc….

What horrible thing happened that she’s finally done with him??

— Nonmom Jenelle Evans (@NonMomJenelle) October 31, 2019

In her restraining order, Jenelle Evans points out she’s worried about her safety as well as the safety of her kids. She also made note of the many guns that David has around the property.

Since he reportedly already told her that he didn’t care whether she was alive or dead, it’s possible that she felt unsafe.

For now, Jenelle Evans is keeping a low profile. She has reportedly left the state of North Carolina and is hiding out with her kids. David Eason has expressed a desire to see his daughter Ensley and has discussed filing a missing person’s report.

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