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Liquor cargo salvaged from WWI-era shipwreck

News Summed Up 2019-11-08 05:30:00

STOCKHOLM—A Swedish team has salvaged hundreds of bottles of liquor from the wreck of a ship sunk during War I in the Baltic Sea. Ocean X, a group that specializes in salvaging alcohol from shipwrecks, said it was testing the bottles from a cargo bound for tsarist Russia to see if they were still fit to drink. Bottles of the cognac, produced by the now-defunct distillers De Haartman, and the Benedictine are being tested in a laboratory. Located 20 years agoThe Kyros left Sweden in May 1917 and was sunk in the Sea of Aland with an explosive charge. “The value of these bottles is yet to be decided because the Cognac is of a brand which does not exist today,” Lindberg said.