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YouTuber Summer McKeen Awed By Beauty Of Kenya

Uinterview 2019-12-01 06:26:35

YouTuber Summer McKeen has come along way since her first YouTube upload back in 2010. In just nine years, she has accumulated over 2.3 million subscribers and 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She even became a partner with the YouTube collaborative channel, Style Haul.

Summer recently traveled to Kenya and documented the natural beauty of the country on her Instagram page. The posts started with a series of pictures where she casually posed with a giraffe which was in its natural habitat. Summer looked excited to be witnessing the animal in nature, even captioning the picture “me + wild giraffe on the savannah today O_o.”

The YouTube beauty also posted pictures of herself sporting a simple tee while traveling in an open vehicle with binoculars, fittingly captioning it “safarriiiiiiimooode.”


It was not all personal fun, as Summer posted snapshots of herself alongside volunteers from Somewhere Divine, a service program which helps build and better the lives and well-being of communities in less developed areas of the world.  Summer said, “it was amazing being able to take part in something so beautiful.”  

Summer didn’t miss out on a paid promotion as she posted a picture repping Secret Deodorant Dry Spray. Telling her followers, the deodorant is “her recent fave.”