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Today petrol, diesel rates remain unchanged in Hyderabad, other metro cities on December 3

Hans India 2019-12-03 09:29:36

Hyderabad: The fuel prices remain unchanged in the domestic market on Tuesday (December 3). There is no change in petrol and diesel prices. With this, the petrol rate in Hyderabad is Rs 79.74 per litre and diesel costs Rs 71.79 per litre.

On the other side, crude oil prices have increased in the international market. A similar situation exists in Amaravati. Here the petrol rate remains stable at Rs 79.30 and diesel continues at Rs 71.09. In Vijayawada, the petrol priced at Rs 78.93 and diesel sold at Rs 70.75. Even the petrol rate in Delhi also remains stable at Rs 74.91 and diesel is at Rs 65.78. In Mumbai, petrol remains steady at Rs 80.59 and diesel costs at Rs 69.00.