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NIMS to provide free bone marrow transplant services

Hans India 2020-01-12 01:50:48

Hyderabad: NIMS Director Dr K Manohar has said that infrastructure, diagnostic services, PET scan have been updated in the hospital and the patients can avail bone marrow transplant services which cost more than Rs10 lakh rupees free of cost in the hospital cum medical training institute.

Inaugurating the 3rd Indian Myeloma Congress 2020 here, the NIMS official said that the costly diagnostic services will be extended to the poor under the Arogyasri scheme.

Telangana government is one providing these services especially to the poor patients which are not available in many states of India, he added.

NIMS, Medical Oncology Head Dr Sadashivudu said 20 years back these myeloma disease affected patients would die within 2 years and with the recent advances these patients were living more than 10 years.

He suggested utilising the services provided in the medical oncology department of NIMS. Chemotherapy as well as bone marrow transplantation services being done in the medical oncology department for multiple myeloma.

Indian Myeloma academic group (IMAGE) President Dr Pankaj Malhotra said collaboration with international and national doctors will lead to better management of myeloma patients and will be continuing such activities in the future as well.

Earlier, morning awareness walk followed by patient awareness programme on myeloma disease was conducted by the organising committee. More than 100 myeloma patients and international and national doctors participated.